Friday, May 27, 2011

new angles. old angles.

life.  from a whole new angle.

sometimes ... i just don't want to think and analyze and determine the best this or that.
sometimes ... i just want to take a picture because it feels right.
sometimes ... there just isn't a perfect light or a perfect ISO or a perfect shutter speed.
sometimes ... there is just a perfect moment.

unlike my loverly camera that i am so in love with ...
(that totally needs a name ... talullah?  violet?)
my little phone camera fits in my pocket and let's me color outside the lines when i need to.

enjoying a little {free} fisheye lens action ... because lilacs make me smile.
{and fisheyes make me smile.  so together i supersmile.}

or take a picture of my boy ... in a style totally different from how i usually shoot.
because that's how my mood felt that day.
{he's searching the sky for daddy ... }

i can share a puddley yard with a friend ... in new york.
so that she can sympathize.  or laugh.  at my misfortune.
{yes.  my yard.  now you know why my basement flooded.}

i can share a found treasure with a treasured friend.
yes.  that's me.  on the left. 
with weird al yankovic.  who is obviously in the middle.
and my bestest friend sara ... the cute-not-amazonish-looking-girl on the right.
{would you ever believe that this was kind of normal for her and i to get to meet famous people at her dad's office.  like all the time.  new kids on the block.  met them.  janet jackson.  met her.  beach boys.  yep.}

i can take a picture of something that i never want to forget
{like how the baby boy rubs the silky part of his blue blankie against his ear as he nods off to sleep}

i can capture a breathtaking sunset. 

and fluffy white clouds floating through a deep blue sky.

the sky is calling me lately. 
isn't it just amazing?
it is endless.
and we are all underneath it.
even though you are where you are
which may or may not be anywhere near me ...
we are under the same sky.

 and though it seems so small in comparison ...
the ground is teeming with things to see.
as long as you get down and look.

 there are even things that ... although they are stuck to the ground ...
find a way to let loose and float into the endless blue of the sky.

 you just never know where you will find that perfectly beautiful moment that you just must capture.
it's how i felt way back when i used film.
creative.  energetic.  willing to try something new.  just because i could.
new angles.  old angles. 
funny how everything always comes full circle.


Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

that was such a fun romp through your beautiful world. and your little guy just melts me!

Kristi said...

You never cease to amaze me with your talent for communicating your thoughts, so proud of you!

PsychMamma said...

Love this post and the ideas behind it! Your photography is always stunning. Thanks for reminding me to look at things from new angles!


The Tiny Team said...

Wow, I love your photos! Awww, your little one and mine both need to have the silkies on their faces...SO SWEEEET!


Kelly said...

Angle of the dangle baby! Love this and especially the one of Finn about to go up the slide! Holy cool angle batman!

Happy Nappers said...

I love the photos, especially the angle of your little buddy.. So cute!

Carly said...

beautiful photos! I especially like the sunflare!