Thursday, March 25, 2010

wine in a mug

wine in a mug, originally uploaded by jenniferlivolson.

sort of sad ... isn't it?
i managed to break EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of our wine glasses during this last pregnancy.

and i wasn't even the one drinking.

all breakage occurred during somewhat rare dishwashing episodes. or when i dropped a package of airborne and it bounced off the counter where a used glass sat. or when i didn't handwash and pulled the wine glass out of the dishwasher and nicked it against the counter where it shattered. or when a cat knocked it over - empty of course - thankfully.

so now? that i'm finally through the pregnancy riddled with clumsy-ness ... (and according to my mother and husband ... crabby-ness)
i'm destined to drink my wine from a coffee mug.
it didn't really matter. tonight was a must. drink. wine. kinda night.

and this poor bottle of wine has sat open for so long.

and i have two birthday parties ... for the same birthday girl ... this weekend.

i'm pretty sure the bottle will be gone by saturday night.

ohmygoodness ... i forgot about the sleepover friday night.
i'm pretty sure the bottle will be gone by friday at nine pm.

send wine.
and chocolate.
and help.
(preferably cleaning fairies.)


Colleen said...

Oh, sleepovers! Yikes. Drink up, you'll need it.
A parent once brought me a red bull when they dropped their child off for a sleepover. Wrong drink, lady!

Matt Conlon said...

A mug? Bah! Straight from the bottle! ;)

My mother in law and I broke 16 drinking glasses over the stretch of about two months. What odd is it was a set that we'd had for a couple years! It was like they just got weak, or something!

Keely said...

I was in the habit of drinking wine from a coffee mug for a while, because I was the closing server in a restaurant and occasionally I'd have a glass of red wine while cleaning up at the end of the night. But obviously, if there were customers still in the building, I couldn't do that, so the manager told me to put it into a coffee mug :) can just call it a quirk ;)

Pamela said...

i'm going to drink mine out of a mug tonight and pretend i'm at your house.

Pamela said...

guessing that sounds pretty stalkery to somebody who doesn't have all the info.

Casey said...

I hope help is on the way! I'm not a wine drinker but wine glasses always scared me.. they're so fragile and SHARP! One of my mom's friends broke one and it fell and spliced my mom's leg and they ended up in the ER.

Raising Z said...

I drank wine from a paper cup after my labor in the hospital while lactation checked in on me :) Sometimes you just need a drink! I hope your weekend was ok.