Thursday, March 18, 2010

and he will amaze you with his superior hula hooping skillz.

there was a bit of a hula hooping competition happening tonight as we stood around the grill basking in the semi warmth of a spring evening.

it went a little something like this ...

finn was in the midst of his scream-fest.  which is oh-so-fun.  let me tell you.  EVERY night ... for about 45 minutes ... he screams as if you are causing him oodles of pain.  there are tears.  and the screaming.  oh. the. screaming.  none of the previously learned tricks acquired through the having of two older children seem to work. 

... except he stops when you wash his hair.
yeah ... that's a bit quirky, dontcha think?

anyhoo.  he was in the middle of the screaming.  and the girls were up at the neighbors (probably to escape the screaming).  and we've all learned that the BEST thing you can do ... besides the washing of the hair ... is to throw him over your shoulder and just let the screaming commence.  because eventually it stops and the baby falls soundly asleep.  oddly enough. 

so ... while we all listened to the screaming ... we hula hooped(and took turns losing hearing in at least one of our ears.)

and my dad won.  because he was able to hoop it AND GRILL.  AT THE SAME TIME.

wanna see his mad hula hooping skillz? 

yeah ... so that's my dad, y'all. 

i totally lost.  even though after last summer's pure failure in the hulahooping department ... because i could totally blame the baby belly ... i semi-rocked the hula hoop tonight ...

and after everyone leaves ... in the wee hours of the morning ... i may just bring the hula hoop inside and practice it in my living room ... possibly while nursing a baby ... because ... BEAT THAT DAD.


Pamela said...

now that i'm thinking about it, olivia did the verysame screaming thing when she was finn's age. and there was nothing for it.

i won't tell you how long it lasted. because 1) it was a long time ago; 2) it might have gone one for months; and 3) i honestly can't remember, so i know you'll be fine... deaf, but fine.

Pamela said...

also jon says you should put earplugs in because babies often scream in excess of 110 dB and that will cause permanent hearing damage.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Nice skills!
Ah, the screamfest. I called it the "witching hour" with Sprite. It began when she was about 2-3 months old and lasted for a month or so. Almost the same time every night. That was also when she began sleeping through the night. We came to the conclusion that she was just trying to cry out all the excess energy and exhaust herself since nothing seemed to work. He'll get through it!

Casey said...

Oh my, nursing and hula hooping? Impressive. Your dad is too cool, I can barely even hula on the Wii.