Tuesday, October 20, 2009

touching the heart ...

over at i {heart} faces this week ... we are playing it pink

when i first saw this upcoming challenge ... i thought ... no problem!  life with my girly-girls offers plenty of opportunity for pink-ish things. 

and then they noted that it was all in honor of breast cancer awareness month

and the mere thought of just putting something cute and pink up there didn't seem like such a perfect idea anymore.  and i let the thought of entering this week slip away into the recesses of my mind ...

until ... last wednesday ... when a good friend sent message that she had received a diagnosis of breast cancer

and it all hit so much closer to home.

so ... in honor of colleen and all of the women out there fighting this battle ... i enter, not for recognition ... but to show my support.  please realize that all of us, women and men ... are taking on this as a personal threat ... and we are determined to fight it ... courageously.  standing side by side.

and to the friends that don't feel affected by it right now ... do me a favor?  once a month.  that's all it takes. 

because having found a (thankfully) non-cancerous lump in my breast at the age of 18 ... going through the wait and eventually having it removed.  it's hard.  and scary.  but so much more do-able if you just do something about it ... right away.  and the most do-able part of it ... is having support systems in place.  and as the scar from the surgery has faded through the years ... i realize that i forget to be as vigilant about making sure that there aren't any more ... so, i'm reminding myself too. 

so ... do it for your kids.  or my kids.  or the neighbor.  or your husband.  or your mom and dad.  or the ups man.  for yourself, just maybe?.

just do it.  please.


Pamela said...

i love the ups man.
but you knew that.

amanda said...

thanks for the reminder friend :)

beautiful shot.

Raising Z said...

What a beautiful photo.

Mighty M said...

Love your entry - and this post!!

anymommy said...

It's a lovely photo and a very good reminder. Thank you.