Tuesday, October 6, 2009

bummer dude.

"have you ever just wanted to ... i don't know ... just get away for awhile?"  mr. a inquired to his one-day-younger cousin, cora.
"i've thought about it," she replied.  "those big people are always reading books and telling stories about this big wide world.  like there is so much more out there.  so much more than ... this."
"yeah," he said, "have they told you about that big red dog ... what was his name?  oh yeah ... clifford.  wow.  it's dumbfounding knowing that there is stuff out there like a giant dog that carries his friends around on his back.  and they have us here ... looking for apples."
"no kidding," cora felt compelled to tell him more, "apples.  who do they think we are?  do they really think that this kind of thing is worth not napping over?  hell ... you can buy apples at the store.  why do they think we really care about trees with apples.  now money.  on trees.  or red furry monsters.  that would definitely be worth the 30 minute drive."
"what do you say ... we go for it," asked mr. a. 
cora inquired ... "you really think we can?  hold on ... i have an idea."

"hi mom!!  look at me!!  i'm super cute ... here's my apple and my silly face ..." 

while thinking, "ha.  gullible sucker.  i know you ... you're bound to take the camera off of me if a pose for just a minute."

"  3 ... 2 ... 1 ... see mr. a ... i told you ... look she's off taking pictures of flowers and stuff now ... that's all it takes ... ooo ... listen to her using her big words ... bokeh.  ooo ... look at her showing daddy the fall bokeh ... she's totally not paying attention to us anymore ... go for it!"

"RUN!  let's go and explore the world.  let's see what's out there!  there's no stopping us now!"

"oh ... crap.  bummer dude.  you dropped your apple.  your sustenance.  that apple was gonna get us all the way to clifford, man."

"just leave it.  it's no use to us now.  we can try again next time.  let's just go back to the big people. c'mon man.  you know what they say about yuck and dirty and stuff.  my dad will get you another one.  let's go back."

"hey man ... mind giving me a lift?  i lost my apple and i'm really feeling hungry ..."

"yum.  those big people are good for something, i guess.  the good apples are never at the bottom of the tree."

"yeah ... i agree.  they don't really compare to that big red dog or that elmo guy ... but these apples ARE pretty tasty."

"what do you say ... we stick around awhile?  they do have this cool wagon ... and at the very least, they do read the stories to us ... and you know ... in the end ... they do have more than apples to eat around here."
mr. a replied, "alright ... but next year ... next year ... we might just have to get out and see the world a little more."
"i'm so glad we have each other ... it's us against them ... how do you feel about hawaii? ... my big people mentioned something about dolphins and oceans last week ..." cora declared, "i totally threw a temper tantrum about wanting to go to hawaii in the middle of the doctor's office waiting room ... hilarious!  that sure threw the big people for a loop.  you should try it!  it's a blast!"


amanda said...

simply awesome honey!!

seriously loving every ounce of it!

Jen said...

Does make you wonder what they're thinking :)

Casey said...

Oh god, they're so cute! Tell them to come to FL, they can stay in the playhouse out back.

Kelle said...

major congrats on baby boy. something new and beautiful and you won't imagine life without him the minute he arrives. beautiful apples. oh, how i miss the orchards.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, I love this! You know, it's perfect for our Spin Cycle this week, let me know if you want to link up!

Raising Z said...

That was adorable! I love all of the pictures...you are so talented.

Mighty M said...

Great photo story! Hope they were able to keep their bellies full. Sustenance is very important! ;-)