Friday, October 16, 2009

and then ... what i'm not loving right now.

squeezing a few not loving moments as the girls are finishing up in the shower and i'm attempting to get dressed.  this may just well be a work in progress ...

i am SO. NOT. loving ...

the fact that stella most possibly has fifth disease ... which on it's own is a little rash, highly contagious ... treatable at home ... but is not-so-good for a pregnant mama.

which means that i have to go and have blood drawn to check my antibodies for fifth disease ... and i've been told i have hard-to-find veins.  i hate having hard to find veins ... is not my favorite thing.  it means i get multiple pokes.  i really dislike multiple pokes.

and that the nurse on the phone line which took 45 minutes to talk to ... said antibIodies ... which feels like an incorrect pronunciation of the word.  and she had a lateralized strident articulation pattern.

i don't love that cora has been crying all morning.  about things such as ... mommy saying that she can't put a diaper on a stuffed monkey ... or ... she can't eat cereal with milk on it in the living room ... or ... we all need to get in the shower ... oh ... and now i can add ... because she isn't going to the doctor's office with us ...

i don't love that husband is gone on a day like today ... when i really feel like there needs to be 5 of me.

i really wish that there was some chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups in it in my freezer right now.

that i just realized yesterday during a sorting adventure of our basement storage ... that the baby boy clothing that was so wonderfully handed down from good friends ... was from a baby born in late spring ... and consists mainly of summer-ish clothing.  and now i need to scour the world for baby boy clothes that don't make me nauseous.  (i don't like footballs either - i am going to be a crappy boy mama).

i don't like my hair.  especially the fact that my consistent go-to-hairstyle is a ponytail ... because i look dumb in a ponytail right now.

that there is one-more-day-of-fun at the farmer's market (or at least that's what the sign says) ... because honestly the last few weeks have sucked BIGTIME.  rain.  wind.  snow.  freezing ass cold weather.  not my idea of fun.

that snow is coming.  with much more consistency than was plopped down on us last week.  and we haven't even gotten an awesome display of fall color yet.

the fact that maternity pants are made for women 5'10" and taller ... and i have to roll those suckers like a student of the 80s in order to not get the bottoms of my pants wet in the never ending saga of puddles and snow. 

i need new bras.

i would like to eat ice cream and cookies for breakfast lunch and dinner ... but i'm pretty sure that's frowned upon while raising children because apparently there are more food groups that i'm missing and my children need to learn about all of the food groups.

i forgot to take out the recycling.  and why the hell do they come at dark o' thirty in the morning?  because my brain hasn't turned on yet at that time ... and i ALWAYS forget.

hmmm ... was that enough complaining for today?  must. stop. now.  so that i can actually accomplish a glass is half full attitude before 10 this morning. 


Mighty M said...

None of my bras fit right either. Being tall I can appreciate the length of maternity pants, but believe me, plenty are too short for us tall gals too! I hope you make it through the day okay, hang in there!! ;-)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Yup, crappy day all right. You need to end it well. As long as everyone had a nutritious lunch and maybe a veggie or fruit for snack, have the ice cream and cookies for dinner! Then snuggle for a DVD! Pamper yourself a little, mama. You deserve it!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

I second what Jen said- you do deserve it.

Sorry you're having a rough morning. It will get better. It is, after all, Friday.

Pamela said...

Sometimes we have "naughty dinner" which consists of any non-nutritious food items available to us. And no, olive juice is not an option, really. And by the end of naughty dinner, someone always asks for apple slices.

If you need bras, go to the motherwear outlet store on ebay. I scored 5 for $30. And they fit exactly as promised.

Hang in there. And set the bar low. Or on the ground. You can raise it when you're ready.

Raising Z said...

Wow! What a morning :( fifth's scary! I hope she is feeling better soon and that you are able to stay clear of getting it.

I can assure you that though they are hard to find, you can find boy clothes without footballs, trucks and other stereotypical boy things. Old Navy and Children's Place are our two favorites for deals and normal looking clothing :)

I hope the weekend is a good one!

amanda said...

i am three days late...r u ok?? sorry i wasn't here sooner to cheer you up! although some times a good "pity" party is just what you need to feel better :)

hope the weekend left you feeling rested and relaxed...and if not, i will get in the car, come over and make you cookies :)