Friday, February 18, 2011

please tell me i wasn't the only parent ill-prepared for "superhero" day.

i was going to outline for you ... everything that happened prior to me realizing one hour before the bus came that it was superhero day ...

but i won't.

because it involves a lot of crabby mommy and early wake ups and coffee.

instead ... i would just like to note ... that because i was able to throw together a superhero cape in less than one hour, on no sleep, with three wide awake children that ate breakfast AND got ready ...

i am officially the only superhero in the family.

though only the one that was going to school got a cape. 
because godforbid you don't have a cape for superhero day.
even if mommy really only had good satiny cape material in purple.
purple ... just. won't. do.
super stella?
wears pink.  only.  pink.

this is how a superhero brushes her teeth while her supermommy takes pictures with her supercamera.

this is how a superhero spits.
note the raised left leg at an (almost) perfect 90 degree angle.
note the brother eyeing the hairbands and hair paraphenelia  paraphernelia crap
 that he pulled out of the drawer.

and i'm totally recommending a princess day next.
because i could pull that off in a mere minute flat.


Pamela said...

you *are* a superhero.
i am glad to see that superheros spit just like the rest of us.
what a relief.

Tracy P. said...

I was not ill-prepared for superhero day. I was ill-prepared for nerd day. Ill-prepared in the sense that I found it challenging to figure out how to differentiate that from what we normally wear. Because seriously, we are nothing if not nerdy around here. ;-) I agree, you ARE a superhero!

The Pilot's Wife said...

The one I am never ill prepared for, mismatched sock day! They can do that one on their own! HA!

I always tell Sydnee, my girl, they need to have DIVA day. She wouldn't have to do a thing!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife