Sunday, February 13, 2011

insert witty title here.

i sit here with fingers itching to write.
about what?
i'm just not sure.
but i feel an itch.

that restlessness in myself grows at times.  it's there pulsing beneath my surface.  wanting to say something.  and yet i'm really struggling right about now with the what to say and the is it really important and does anyone really care anyways.  and the ... worry.
and then, sometimes it quiets and rests gently while i go about doing what i do.  everyday.  not knocking or barging it's way out of myself. 

it reminds me of the seasons, i'd guess.  as someone that is hyperaware of living in a space that has such a distinction between seasons.  i think i'm thankful for that.  i was when i lived somewhere that didn't.  though THIS season is really taking a toll on me.
i'm rather certain that there is beautiful blades of green grass somewhere beneath the gigantuous piles of white that cover my world.

and i'm feeling this need to write.  and to explore.  and to get us the hell out of the house. 

and so i am (trying).  and we are (trying).  and we did.

today was a day of epic warmth.  that will likely be bundled between days of freezing cold.
the type of weather that brings neighbors out of their houses and causes people to stop and talk in the street amidst the walking of the dogs, rather than bundled to their noses and quickly marching to their (warm) destinations.  and in desperate search for some vitamin d ... we ventured out to a minneapolis landmark.  and i purposely left the coats in the car and i brought my camera and my mom.

and then cora started in with the three year old whining ...
and so my mom (thank you mooma) returned to the car to grab her coat.
which ceased some of the whineyness. 

i said some.

and inside the greenhouses ... we saw green. 
lovely lovely lovely green.
i've missed green.

like, really really missed green
it's amazing how when you don't see something for quite some time.  that when you finally do ... you really see it.
i really think i really like to really use the word really.

did you see all the green?

i also happen to see a lot of this lately.
the boy.
walking AWAY from me.

and the minneapolis landmark i told you about. 
and what we came for.

no.  not the cherry in the spoon.

what we came for ... that blue sky.

that beautiful blue ocean of a sky that i don't think we've haven't seen enough of lately.  and when we have seen it ... it's been so flipping cold out that you didn't want to stand beneath it. 

today, though?  i wanted to swim in that sky.  i wanted to soak up the sun and be surrounded by the blueness.  i couldn't help but kneel upon the ground to let that sky into all of my pictures.

 except for this one.  in which you can see the two distinct personalities of my girly-girls and two men that i do not know. 
(sorry men that i do not know for this is not a very flattering picture of either of you.)
and you can also see my mom that is apparently ignoring the sign that stella read that said "DO NOT CLIMB ON THE SPOON WITH A CHERRY THINGY"
or she was just really glad that cora had moved her whiny away from her for a minute.
have i mentioned the whiny?

and the kids got to "swing" on the art.  which felt a lot more like swinging when you haven't swung in quite some time.
see that smile?
god, i miss that smile.

oh hello sun. 
it's been awhile.
i've missed you too.

(and just for the record - i've deleted the pictures of finners screaming to get back to the swing and of cora - my daredevil - hanging onto the wires for dear life.  you're welcome.)

a minnesota boy.  for sure. 
blonde haired.
blue eyed. 
eating snow.
in no coat.
in february.
posed in front of a minneapolis landmark.

the cute kinda kills me.

i wish there was a nice way to end this. 
a pretty little final phrase or sentence or story ... that would put this random stream of conciousness into a nice neat little blog post.  something that you could walk away with and feel like you actually gained something from coming here.

i'm just going to say good night.
because it's late.  and i'm tired out from a very colorful day with old friends.
thank you sky and sun and warm.  you've been missed.


Givinya De Elba said...

You only see that there's no witty title, and no easy way to end the post ... but this Australian Gal sweating away waiting for a cool change sees the wonderful photos and the happy children and the what-the-heck-is-that Minneapolis landmark and the snow, the beautiful cool snow ...

...and totally loved this post!

Annie said...

Great photo showing your girls' personalities. Fun comments on it. And the pic of little boy blue is beautiful!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Absolutely beautiful, as always. No witty title or clever ending needed.

Ambee said...

wow. you are amazing. your writing and your photos. wow

Tracy P. said...

DANG about Finn and the cherry spoon! I want to see the daredevil pics. Bethany would totally dig those. I don't have any rule followers. What's that like?

Tracy P. said...

OH, and where are those greenhouses??? I have never been there! Or, sadly, to the sculpture garden.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Your photos keep getting better and better. Love!

kimberly said...

This is the part of winter I miss most about MN - sunny snowy days. Really miss it - more than I realized until I saw your photos... The west coast just doesn't have that~
So great to have found your blog!