Sunday, January 2, 2011

two thousand eleven

i meant to post this yesterday.  but.  um.  life.  got in the way.
in a good way.  but in the way.
which i guess what this blog is all about huh?

did you notice that big break there between december 14 and december 31?
you probably didn't.
it was  bigger in my life, than yours i would presume.

during that break i wrote several dear john letters to my blog.
in my head.
not because i don't like coming here.
and mostdefinitely not because i don't need the writing space.
but most probably because of time.

it's not you.
it's me.
you see ... i have this list of "things i need to do" that is filled with the things that i need to do quite simply.  and i want 2011 to be a year that completes some of these things.  for example.

i have these kids books in my head that need to be written at some point.  three of them, mind you.  gah. and they really are good.  i just have no idea what to do with them.  like how to get them out of here {pointing at head} and out there {pointing to you}.

i want to travel somewhere new and exciting.  at least long enough to realize that i want to come back here.

i want finn to stop eating shoes.  (may be accomplished by the end of today.  probably not though.)

i want to love my home.  and not wish for something bigger.

i want to spend more time with my kids doing the things that my kids want to do.

i want to chronicle our life in two thousand eleven.  in a book.  for my kids. 

and so i'm starting there.
(and i promise not to subject you all to each and every of the three hundred and sixty - five pictures.  maybe.).
our new two thousand eleven.  our life.  in pictures.  and a few words.

and i think it's best to start with a view of our life as we ventured into this new year.  complete with a yum dinner made by my dad and a fire in the fireplace.  and my favorite view of the night ... finners loving on the pup.  in front of the fire. 

and then we were all.  i mean ALL. asleep by 10:30 ish.  and heard fireworks exploding at. oh. say. about midnight.  when i woke up like an old grump and wished jeremy a happy new year before running to the windows to try and figure out which neighbor was keeping me awake.  turns out it was probably a city thing.  because they went on FOREVER.  while i laid in bed cursing the noise and potential wake-up-baby factors.

and then we awoke to a day of couch shopping.

which takes me to my first picture of two thousand eleven.

myloves.  on my new couch. 


is my life. 

and i'm so in love with it.  and them.  and him.  though he isn't in the picture because after a full fourteen days at home - he had to return to work. 

(and believe it or not.  i actually didn't want him to leave in that entire time period.  except for that one moment that occurred in the first 2 days when i told him i wanted him to just leave because i didn't like him at that moment.  but we made it through.  and i miss him now that he's gone.)

what's on your must-do list this year?


Tracy P. said...

C'mon Jen, subject us, please??? ;-) You're right. Live now. Blog whenever. IF ever. You're darling. Your kids are darling. Write your children's book while they are still. children. And put something really bad tasting on the next shoe Finn is headed toward. Happy new year!

But hey, put a button for your photog site on here so I can find it when the flowers are pushing up through the dirt, k?

Raising Z said...

Oh, I have also written so many "Dear John" Letters to the blog. It is so hard to balance everything and I don't work out of the list is also a mile long! your "love my home. and not wish for something bigger." is something I struggle with often. I don't even mind the size of our house so much (although another bedroom would be nice) but the fact that everything could use an update and we are not in a place to do anything....oh well :) Happy New Year!! Beautiful photos as always

anymommy said...

Gorgeous. (Write those books, girl, I know they will rock!)

darcie said...

Happy New Year - it all starts with one thing at a time right?
Go get em girl!
Oh, and if you figure out that house to stop wishing for something bigger - lemme know k? xoxo

Kelle said...

Dude, seriously...the eyes on your kids are out of this world! Loved your bucket list!

dearheart said...

Sweet post. I liked reading about your wants, your New Years and how much you enjoyed the vacation time with your hub. I felt the same way.