Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i heart faces ... my favorite face of 2010.

do you know just how long i searched through images upon images to find my most favorite-ist face of 2010.  i mean ... dude.  all of 2010.  in which i got my hands on a brand new camera AND a new baby.

i mean ...

a new baby AND a new camera.


and through all of that ... i think my most favorite face is finners.  sick.  like 2 weeks ago. 

and so ... his face appears on the blog so quickly after i just posted it ...

though ... quite honestly ... if i wasn't such a sucky blogger ...
there would have been at least 10 posts between then and now. 
so ... it's like i'm actually giving you the present of time.
because you don't have to waste time reading it all over again.
and oogling over the cute sight of my dear finners all over again.
you're welcome.

and now.
because i saved you so much time ...
you should head on over here

and check out all the other amazing faces of 2010.


Judith said...

I love this. It is always when they are sick that they seem to be the cutest. They definitely sit still to get a photo taken.

Jillian said...

Love his expression in this picture!

iColossus / Monster said...

Hey there, found the right blog, yay.
Thanks for your comment, and I will visit again. Will have to show you my "portfolio." In quotes because it's wayyyyy too fancy a word to describe my work.

Would love to hear more about your stories, tho!

Your kids are adorable. I've seen your comments on Kelle's blog so you're like an old friend already!

Annie said...

That is a fabulous picture. It is the first one I thought of when you mentioned looking back on 2010 pictures.

Dailyn said...

Awwww makes me want to cuddle him and make him all better! Adorable!

Naomi said...

He is so, so sweet and his eyes are beautiful! What a great pic :)

The Pilot's Wife said...

Ha! I remember this post!!! They all had popsicles! Too cute!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife

Kelly said...

Is he holding a pickle? Are you trying to tell us something?


jen said...

dear kelly.
and no. no. no. and no.
i'm vastly outnumbered already.

Keely said...

Happy New Year (belated...obviously).

I love that picture. Well, I love ALL your pictures, but anyway.