Monday, December 6, 2010

teething. and all that other mommyblogger kinda stuff.

oh holy night.
so ... i'm kinda wondering ... is this whole teething cannot stop wailing and wanting to be held ... a boy-thing?

my girls had several teeth pop up in their mouths without. me. noticing.

but this boy?
apparently i will be blessed with the knowledge of every tooth until it finally makes it's grand appearance.

is this similar to the old men are from mars / women are from venus comparison ...
wherein ...
mommy has a cold.  but can still manage to do the dishes.  wake at 4:30 am.  watch the children.  birth a baby.  write birth announcements.  bake cookies for a bakesale to raise monies for world peace.  craft christmas ornaments out of acorns and pinecones that she hand picked in vermont.  and save baby kittens.  ON THE SAME DAY.

whereas ...
daddy has a cold.  and must stay in bed.  moaning for someone to rub his feet.  ON THE SAME DAY.

why hello there mr. snaggletooth.  you sure are superty cute.

or is that just me?

i was lamenting about this to another mother ... a so-called copycat that has managed to have all the same sexes of children approximately 1-3 months AFTER my childrens were born.  all of which have the most superb of names.  seriously.  i wish i could share them with you.  (her children.  not mine.  though i'm kinda partial to my children's names too.)

off topic, much?

anyhoo.  yes.  and she mentioned her middle child (girl ... obviously ... if you've kept up at all.)  got some crazy number like 7.  read that ... SEVEN ... teeth in one weekend.  and she didn't. even. notice.  because she is a girl.  and we can endure crazy amounts of pain.  and then decide a few years later ... to do it again.  because it was fun. 


if that's what you call childbirth and then staying awake for the next approximately 18 years.

so.  yeah.  where was i going with this?

who knows at this point.  we best just look at another picture of the cute bubbers, shall we?

i promise to stay awake for the next forever if he promises to always look at me with that much happy on his face. 

oh and for the record.  the biting fiasco of 2010 is already over.  a mere 2 days after it began.  i'm like a no biting the b00b expert.  and for just $9.99 ... i'll send you my secret to success.  then you can be an expert too!


Fran said...

I would like to say that all that is the truth! However. I had a girl first and she was an awful teether too. Sick every tooth, no sleeping, red raw to the point of bleeding bottom. Just excruciating for her and for us! Apparently it has to do with how much acid is in their diet and how much saliva they create is part of this. Sorry to contradict the theory! Fran x

Annie said...

your swaying from the topic is definitely a sign of sleep deprivation. And I've so been there!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I love the word superty. And he is superty handsome.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

He is just delicious! :-) Makes me want one!e