Friday, December 17, 2010

once upon a time i told my husband that it wasn't a problem if he picked up those extra few days of work.

and now?

totally regretting giving the go-ahead for that one.

because looky here.

if the sheer amount of medicinal cups and syringes isn't enough to give you clear indication of the last few days ... then here's some more proof.

yes dear ... those are popsicles on the couch.  i only wish i could have peeled the children off of the couch in order to have fed them popsicles at the table where they belonged.

this picture was taken before the advil wore off.

poor girl ... this is what she looked like 30 minutes later.
if she hadn't been quite so cranky and ornery and whiny ... i might just agree that there is a certain amount of angelic cuteness there too.

this is what prompted the camera-coming-out-while-children-are-sick moments.
because dude.  those eyes.  and that shirt.  and the color of the popsicle ...
you would have thought i planned it.

but i couldn't have because ... i should note ... every single one of us is sick. 

(and totally NOT able to plan the coordination of said clothing and popsicles.)
like fevery.  shakey.  achey.  sneezy.  crabby.  sleepy.  whiny.  and drugged.

it's like the winter version of the seven dwarves.

there is one certain someone that seems to be enjoying it though ...

for my next life ... i totally choose cat.


Pamela said...

Oh, lovey. I'm so sorry.
I *so* know how this is.

Miss Sara said...

Hang in there! I hope everyone is feeling better SOON.

Anonymous said...

Let Lucky Dog's Mama know if you ever need anything, any time!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Sorry you've been stressed out- but that baby boy of yours! Wow!