Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a rainbow disguised as a sunset.

so yeah.

there was another post here that may have shown up in a reader or two last night ... that has since disappeared.  i fretted it.  i had dreams about it.

seriously.  dreaming about the blog.  there's something incredibly wrong with that. 
a dream that last night's post and my silly little header up there were on a major news program.  people were commenting on television about me.  and my thoughts.  and my emotion.

and i woke up realizing that it didn't feel right.
there was too much heartache and pain and worry and fear and depression in that post. 

my heart wrote it ... but my brain deleted it.
because as depressed as i was feeling about it all last night ... i woke up feeling ok.

and tonight?
as the sun dropped itself into the trees ... there were so many colors.  practically a rainbow of pink and yellow and orange streaks against the ocean blue of the evening sky.

and my children?
sat upon the back of the sofa, watching the sun disappear ... sending each other into fits of giggles. 

i closed my eyes and softly cried at the beauty of that moment.

my three children giggling.

there has never been a sweeter sound.

i sit back tonight and realize that life is full of rainbows ... you just have to make it through the rainstorm first.


Anti-Supermom said...

Jen, perfectly written. I'm certain many of us can relate to days that aren't so perfect.

And of course, those that are!

Tracy P. said...

Your blog is beautiful, Jen. I'm glad I met you at the photo walk. I hope you don't fall asleep on your date with your hubby. Go early. ;-)

Casey said...

Well I'm late to the party and I missed the post but it's ok to have down days sometimes... and blog about it. And if it's not, I'm in trouble.