Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i ... something or other ...

i am ... now officially a minivan driving soccer mom.  eek.

i want ... my children to be happy. and thatisall.
i have ... dreams of doing new things. with success.

i wish ... i had unlimited amounts of patience and yelled less.

i fear ... that wasps are finding their way into my house and that jeremy isn't going to be home when i need them gone.
i search ... for the answers to my life questions - big and small. all night long.

i wonder ... if my children hear enough i love yous.

i regret ... not knowing that i could know more about the one that got away.

i love ... my children. my husband. and coffee. and giggles. and baby smiles. and lilacs.

i always ... wear my stella-cora-finn necklace.  always.
i usually ... remember to put out the garbage.
i am not ... who i was ten years ago.
i dance ... terribly.  in my living room.  with loud music.  and my children giggling.
i sing ... made up songs to my children.  and you are my sunshine.  and baby beluga. 
i never ... get *enough* sleep.
i rarely ... get to work on time.  close.  but not exactly on time.
i cry ... all. the. time.  i blame it on hormones.
i know ... that i am loved.
i need ... to love myself more.
i should ... go to bed.


Casey said...

I'm pretty sure your kids hear plenty of "I love you"'s. Love all of the shots, especially the one of the lilacs, dunno how you take all of these awesome pictures.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful sentiments. I can relate to most of them.

Brookie said...

i love your sincerity.

Brookie said...
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