Tuesday, May 11, 2010

love stella

love stella, originally uploaded by jenniferlivolson.
the challenge over at i heart faces this week is celebrating mom.

many more beautiful entries ... HERE.

we had a very minimalistic mama day this year.

and i'm not complaining.

(well ... i maybe complained just a little about the early wake up time of the kids and the having to do dishes and the meal preparation and the laundry and the emptying of the dishwasher.  and the husband that left me alone.  with all the children.)

but i received two of the most beautiful gifts.

a gorgeous little painted and decorated little box from cora ... to keep my pinecones in. (because i apparently have an abundance of pinecones.)

and this.
a little note from stella. along with a picture of yours truly.

(by the way ... don't believe everything you read.)

because chicken is NOT my favorite food.


MK, Little Feet Photography said...

So sweet :)

chrissiemarie@chrissiemariephotography.com said...

this is a great shot! adorable!

shelley jensen said...

I treasure those handmade from the heart gifts. Very nice photo.

sharon@lovely bud said...

super cute - great idea since it is hard to get in the shot yourself:) i love my kiddos artwork and the presents they make me:)

Casey said...

We had a minimalistic mother's day here too but it was nice. Love the pine cone box idea.