Tuesday, July 3, 2012

enjoying the everydayness ... an i {heart} faces challenge

it's funny ... how sometimes my world urges me to write what feels like big and meaningful things.
and how other times?
i just want to enjoy my jellybeans and show you a photo of my son doing the same.

after so long of a time when the camera came out for sessions ... i'm starting to remember to pull the big girl camera out for me and us too.  because isn't that what got me into this in the first place?

summers are crazy in that carefree chaos sort of way.

but i enjoy that everydayness. 
i find myself in it ...
and one thing that i KNOW about myself?  is that i really love jellybeans.
sometimes?  it's just that simple.
head on over to i heart faces to see more beautiful images from the "enjoying life" category. 

Photo Challenge Submission


Pam said...

he's a cutie!

Meredith said...

When jelly beans are on your mind then life is so very good! I love the image and your thoughts about how we push and pull between deeper and lighter topics!

Tracy P. said...

So glad you found your camera and the jelly beans again. You need to line up a few more dates for them and their friends. That boy is more delicious than jelly beans! :-)

anymommy said...

Those eyes! They kill me every time. xo.

Jen said...

Wow! His eyes are gorgeous. And that is exactly how summer is meant to be :)