Tuesday, April 24, 2012

(almost) 5.

we had a rare evening together.
just her and i ... she chose to spend half of our special time together in the play area at ikea. 
i suppose that's just how it is with (almost) five year olds that never get to be an only child.

she did manage to hold off on all! of! the! fun! that! she! was! going! to! have! long enough to have dinner with me in the ikea restaurant. 
one ... because it was free kids meal night.
two ... because ... hello! ... swedish meatballs.
and three ... because ... just because.

i finished my quiet shopping ... kinda bored.  and overwhelmed. 
that place is crazy cakes.

and then we topped off the evening with a stop by the goodwill. pretty much because i'm always up for an adventure among the aisles of thrift shopping. 
cora managed to find the sparkliest purple dress with a velvet long sleeved top ...
she stopped to caress and feel the fabrics between her fingers.
i pulled her away towards the homegoods stuff ... and found her constantly running back over and over and over again. i urged her to step away from the dress ... encouraging her to find something a bit more boring and useful. she could not stop looking at it.

i bought it.

it's her princess gown she tells me ... purpley and sparkley and ready for her perfectly princess pizza party picnic. 

my heart breaks a little realizing that it's no longer all about mama.  and what mommy thinks.  cora thinks purpley and sparkley and velvety are beautiful ... it makes her feel like a princess. 

and i suppose that's how it is with an (almost) five year old.


Pamela said...

She looks so much like J and S in these photos. And so old, I cannot even believe it.

Anonymous said...

No photo of the purpley and sparkley and velvety and beautiful birthday dress???? And where were the photos taken with the trees in bloom in the background? Lovely.

Lucky Doggie's Mama can't believe that number 2 is already the number 5.

CC said...

gorgeous pics!