Thursday, November 5, 2009

because she asked ...

pamela wants to know my chai recipe ...

and i feel a little silly showing it to her ... because honestly ... i really did truly start with a recipe ... a long long time ago.
but you know how those favorite foods and recipes evolve ?? 

and then you kinda end up with something similar ... but not quite ... what the recipe said??
but it's just as good ... if not better ... and then someone wants to know how you did it ...
and it's hard to describe without a lot of kind-ofs and sortas and -ish directions???

well that is this recipe ...
and when i actually ever get home and have a moment to look up the actual recipe ... i will share it.  pinky swear.

because it is so good.  so much better than the attempts at chai tea at most local coffee shop chains.

(came from a restaurant that we went to one time in the mountains of colorado.  seriously winding roads.  major altitude sickness.  freezing cold nights.  and a new years eve party that we left at 9:00 pm.  but, a whole lot of fun.  and in the midst of this colorado vacation ... we found this chai tea souvenior.  yum.)

on a crisp autumn day ... with a warm mug in hand ... and children quietly playing in the background. 
good luck with that last one.

and if you'd rather ... we have the most delicious ... chai tea restaurant restaurant that happens to serve chai tea ... ever here in minneapolis - namaste cafe
if you are ever here ... call me ... i can not pass up the opportunity to have a cup of their coconut creme chai tea. 


i'm drooling just thinking about it. 

and tonight we have plans to meet family at the spaghetti factory ... which kinda makes my stomach turn.  ugh.  spaghetti.  haven't been able to eat it since before being pregnant with cora.

i'll just dream of chai tea and edamame while i'm attempting to not look at anyone's plate of slimy noodles with oodles of tomato sauce on top.


Pamela said...

now you're my bestest bestest friend ever.

tomorrow, i will purchase cardamon pods. and cinnamon sticks. and plain old black tea.

and i will get my chai on.

Kari said...

I am SO making this tea this weekend!!! YUM!

Jenni said...

That sounds amazing! I think I can smell it from here.