Sunday, September 20, 2009



see that last picture down there?  the one that i entered into the i {heart} faces challenge focusing on contemplation? 

well ... i ... got 10th place.  and i couldn't be more excited and giddy and ... fulfilled ... than i am right now.  because ...

i kinda {heart} the i {heart} faces website.  i feel like i get this amazing opportunity to see really beautiful photographs from hundreds of different photographers.  i get to learn tips and tricks and more than that ... see what other people are doing ... some newbies and some that are so obviously professionals. 

and i've always wanted to be that.

in high school ... many many moons ago.  i took a photography course.  so not the digital-ish photography that is decidely popular now.  and i took pictures of everything and anything.  i loved the feel of a camera in my hands.  i loved having my hands in a dark box, uncovering the film that held hidden treasures and creeping into a darkroom as a reddish light hovered above, to bring those captures to life.  the flash of light as it spilled through the film ... onto a completely blank sheet of photographic paper.  i loved inhaling the scent of the chemical baths as i quietly and patiently rocked a tray back and forth waiting for that first glimpse of what i had seen through my lens. 

i was good at it. 
and the thought of doing something someday with my life that involved the ability to do that?  astounded me.
and i told people around me about my desire to do something that involved me holding a camera. 
and all i ever heard in return was prompting to do something that i could get paid for.

so i did.  as a hobby ... i always loved having my camera in my hands ... although, i never got back into that darkroom.  after my oldest daughter was born ... we upgraded to a digital camera.  and i took so many pictures of her.  constantly wanting to capture every moment with her.  but ... always missing that perfect moment.  because it never took the picture when i thought it should. 

and my husband watched me.  and he truly understood that i loved seeing my children through my lens.  and he secretly acquired and presented to me ... what i can truly say is one of my prized possessions.  my newest camera.
and i took pictures of my children ... and the camera caught what i wanted it to catch.  it's a beautiful thing. that shutter speed.

and with his prompting ... he has supported the renewing love that i have with photography.  which has brought me to this place ... where i entered pictures that i think are beautiful ... but i often do so with an awkward shyness.  with the knowledge that in this world, i have so much to learn about what i'm doing.  and i have these amazing supportive friends (you and you and you) who show up and encourage me and say good job!  and beautiful picture!  and if this were effbook, i'd fan you.  and although i love all of you ... i'm pretty sure that you would say those things if i put up a crappy picture of my girls picking their noses.

but ... it's that recognition.

someone else telling me that i'm doing this something that i love to do ... with a success of some sort.

and it doesn't take money or blue ribbons or promises of olive juice to make me feel any more proud of myself than i do today.

so ... thanks.
thanks for encouraging me ... thanks for sharing your kind words ... thanks for recognizing me.

you will never understand how appreciated you are.

** click here to see all of the beautiful entries ... and click here to see the winners.  enjoy.


Casey said...

You ARE good at it and you totally deserved to place! I've always wanted to learn how to take great shots but I've never taken the time. My dad just signed up for photography school!

Congrats on getting 10th place!

Mighty M said...

How awesome - congrats!

Raising Z said...

Congratulations! It was a beautiful shot and you deserve to be recognized for it :) Thanks for checking in on me...I am doing well.....I have kind of hit a wall this week. 5 more weeks! How are you doing???

the monkey's mama said...

That is awesome! I loved your photo when i saw it and you definitely deserved to at least be in the top 10!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Congrats on 10th place! (But you're still 1st place to me!)

amanda said...

whooo hooo!! yay you honey :)

Kelly said...

Congratulations! That doesn't surprise me! You're very talented!!

Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

Your photo was absolutely perfect for the theme that week...I was so happy to see that the judge thought the same as me! :) SUPER-HUGE CONGRATS!! You deserve it.

co-founder of I ♥ Faces

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Congrats! I like to photograph stuff, but I don't have any idea what I'm doing really!