Monday, July 27, 2009

successful day? well at least ... some of it was.

girly-girls are gone today. one of those crazy
must-pay-for-daycare-to-hold-our-spot-'cause-we-never-want-to-lose-our-daycare-lady days.
ah. the sacrifices i make.
(i know i know ... tell me how lucky i am in the comments below.)

a day when i had hoped to accomplish oh-so-much. because tomorrow.

oh hell.

tomorrow. i have agreed to watch the children of good friends. all 3 of their children. one is stella's best friend and is the same age as her. one is cora's age ... there's really no saying if they are best friends yet ... they're only 2. and a baby. a wee little baby. that requires bottles and holding and more often than not ... their mama.

and two of them are boys.

i don't know what to do with boys.

so, in other words. there is no way that i'm getting ANYTHING done tomorrow, besides attempting to keep myself and all 5 children alive.

and we are leaving for a camping trip on wednesday.

so i have much to do. i wrote a list this morning. it said ...

go to bead store(s): need boxes, 1/2 inch round blanks, pro-polish pads.
clean kitchen.
do dishes.
find someone to check in on the cats.
clean bathroom.
pick up.
finish necklace orders for the week.

that's not so bad, huh?

except ... that i only managed to ... pick up supplies at bead store(s), do the dishes, pick up the house (a little), and finish the orders for the week.

i feel less than successful.

except ... for ... these ...

oh yeah ... and because all of my orders (including the two that you saw) turned out relatively well. with no major do-overs. thank goodness.
i ate this for lunch.

my dad dropped it off the other night. he randomly goes grocery shopping and brings really yummy things to my house. because he doesn't cook. i'm NOT complaining.
*yes, i am aware that it is completely out of focus. i must have been too hungry to think about it's actual bloggability.

p.s. jeremy. i really should have waited to enjoy that dessert with you. i know. but i didn't want it to go bad. and then you would have gotten food poisoning and we wouldn't have been able to go camping. just watching your back.


Casey said...

Oh man, that dessert looks amazing and made me lose my train of thought. Good luck with the FIVE KIDS. OMG, that's a lot of kids.

amanda said...

wow. can your dad swing by my place next time?? yummo!

and the necklaces honey - i wish i had an ounce of your talent :)

good luck tomorrow!!

ps - jeremy is so lucky to have you looking out for him :)

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

I really love how your mind works!

Jen said...

That dessert looks fabulous, and you were right to throw yourself on the sword and save hubby from food poisoning :)