Friday, June 12, 2009

not here ... or here ... maybe there.

wow .. i write a post about being missing for a while ... and then i disappear for a while longer ...

seriously ... summer is busy.

and busier than usual.

in fact rather ... chaotic.

much happenings here in the coconutbelly household.

i'll explain ... later.

first i must go to a fancy wedding shindig ... at a hotel with a pool and water park ... where i will be sporting my new swimsuit coverup ... indication that i am forsure getting old (er). a hotel which is ohsoclose to a really awesome turquoise door that i want to take pictures of the girly-girls in front of.

and then back next week. upon which i might ... emphasis on the might ... have an opportunity to check in before we take off on our exciting ... way. too. long. of. a. car. ride. ... trip to arkansas. where i ... once again ... will be sporting the (my?) newest fashion of a swimsuit coverup. and my new skirts. and maybe my new dress. and my new haircut. and carrying the books that i checked out from the library for the occasion ... which my husband thinks is absolutely absurd! checking books out to read on a vacation!!! what if i loose them?


so tell me ... do you check out books for a vacation ... or do you just bring your own?


please give me some ideas of things to do on that VERY LONG CAR RIDE for my girls. please? mama needs a bit of inspiration. motivation. help.

send chocolate, if you can.


Travis Erwin said...

Car bingo worls pretty well with my boys. We print up a few dozen bingo cards using images found on the web that we could see from the road ... flagpoles, haystacks, post offices, cows, tractors, schools, silos, school bus, patrol car, bank, cafe, motorcycle, swing set, barn, and so forth. Then the boys make a x over the pic they spot. We have covered a lot of miles playing car bingo. Little dollar store prizes add to the fun.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Let me go for the obvious. DVD PLAYER! With ear phones!

Pamela said...

I second the DVD player. And food. Lots and lots of food.

steenky bee said...

Perhaps you take separate cars? Hubby drives the kiddos, you cruise in style, air conditioning AND silence cross country.

amanda said...

i always check out books. hubby is silly. books are like our other babies - we don't lose them.

as for the car...beans loves the dvd player and tons of road trip food. snack and a movie? her perfect day!

and arkansas - you know that's close to me right? i mean not like i am going to rain on your vaca...i don't believe in stalking. but still that's pretty close!

and finally - happenings in the household?? anxious for more details!!