Tuesday, August 24, 2010

sorry about that whole forgetting it's our anniversary thing.

really.  i kinda feel bad that i talked to you on the phone 3 times before i actually realized that i was forgetting
the date.

but i feel a little LESS bad, because you didn't say anything either.
which leads me to believe that you kinda forgot too.

and you can't blame being vastly outnumbered by children as an excuse.

it's funny ... i remember that eight years ago today this date seemed so unbelieveably important.  more important than anything else.  there was a dress.  and food.  and campsites.  and a bonfire.  and flowers.  and friends.  and family.  and champagne.  and cupcakes.  and you and me.

august 24th.

today though?
march 28th and may 3rd and january 26th feel a heckofalotmore important.

and november 16th.

because that was the day that i met you.
that was the day that i met the man that i was going to marry.
the one that captured my attention at a party.
the one that mentioned that he wanted two kids someday - the same as me!  (ha!)
the one whose side i never left from that date on.
the one that stood by my side in front of family and friends eight years ago.

geesh. eight years ago. a freaking blip of time when you think about it.  it's truly amazing what has come out of those eight years. 

thank you for loving me. 
even though i'm messy (but creative!) ... weird (but fun!) ... and forgetful (but make up for it by exclaiming on the internets! how! much! i! love! you!!!)


(please note the capitalization which basically means it's a big deal on this blog.)


Sprite's Keeper said...

Capitolized letters. VERY big deal. :-)
Happy anniversary!
(Nov 16th is our first "legal" wedding anniversary, so that one is special in my heart.)

Pamela said...

i like you guys.