Thursday, June 24, 2010

okee dokee brothers!

so ...
i've been meaning to tell y'all about this for a long LONG time.  'cause it's not really nice to keep secrets ... but this is seriously the kids' FAVORITE band.

so much so ... that in fact ... they have every song on our cd memorized.  i'm not even sure that i can even tell you which one is their favorite. 

ok ... fine ... i can ... it's boogylicious.
an entire song dedicated to boogers. 
yes ... that's my children.  (they look so sweet and innocent) and yet ...
they think it's ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS to talk about boogers. 

and woody the apple tree ...
yeah ... jeremy just "got it" ...
he's a fast one, i tell ya.

my favorite though?
is by far ... kiddo.
you just have to hear it.
it's one of those songs that makes you fall in love with your kids all over again ... while they wreak havoc on the furniture (again.), give the dog a haircut and smear shaving cream all over the mirror in the bathroom. 

and what does all of this sappy-ness about a cd have to do with anything?

well ... i'll show you ...

this is what we got to do this afternoon.

even though my children looked scared out of their minds ... i cannot tell you how excited they were.
when they got back in the car.

and how they told me they wished they could see them again. 
like 3 minutes after we left.

and how they loved dancing and singing along to the music.
in the car.

but there?  at the library ... where we joined a few other families (seriously ... there were so few people there) ...
we got to jam to some great kid's music ... and my children?  they were as silent as bumps on a log.


i had fun.
and i wish i had asked for permission to take pictures BEFORE the concert ... because finn sitting there MESMERIZED by the guitar and banjo was priceless.

thanks okee dokee brothers!
we so enjoyed meeting you!
see you monday ... at wild rumpus ...

'cause i'm all about teaching my children to be groupies early ... it's a fantastic skill to have.


Casey said...

Hah, they got stage fright. Never heard of the guys but we're always looking for cool kid tunes. We're still stuck on Laurie Berkner and Putumayo. Glad YOU had fun.

Tracy P. said...

I have never heard of them either--that photo is priceless though. So cute!

Kim said...

So the song I constantly have stuck in my head..sorta a name that tune, "The phone...the phone is ringing...there's an animal in trouble..!!" I sing the wonderpets to myself all day's maddening!!

Life with Kaishon said...

It looks like the kids are so happy : ) and the band members look super friendly. I love people that love kids! Makes my day!